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Ender’s Game: an amateur review

Saw Ender’s Game tonight because there are too many movies I’ve been wanting to see lately and while Gravity would have been my first choice, I knew Chris was likely enjoy the more action-oriented classic sci-fi flick. I’d heard mixed reviews from others who’ve read the book, but that it certainly wasn’t overtly bad. Then I was torn about the whole boycott: Orson Scott Card is a fucking douchebag and I don’t want to give him any money, but the combination of Lionsgate saying they wholeheartedly do not support his anti-LGBT views and plan to donate some proceeds to LGBT-oriented charity, that Ender’s Game in and of itself doesn’t perpetuate those hateful views in any way, and that unfortunately some people out there make it so to enjoy their art or craft you have to ignore them as a person had me deciding I could live with myself if I saw it. How many batshit or jackass actors or musicians do we know that are extremely talented at what they do, but horribly people? Yeah I try not to support them either if I can help it, but… I don’t know. You can like things while admitted that they are problematic, or the people behind them are problematic. Then again I don’t know. It’s generally accepted to love Michael Jackson’s music even though he was a supposed nutjob with questionable morals when it came to children. Mel Gibson’s widely known for the derogatory shit that he spews and you’re not looked down on for loving Braveheart, etc. Then again, everyone gags a little if you admit you bought a CD of Chris Brown’s. So who knows. I was TORN.

But Ender’s Game is one of my favorite classic science fiction novels that I read when young and it blew my small mind even though I didn’t understand any of the political aspects of the plot in 7th grade and always just wanted the story to get back to Ender and his games. I remember it was the first of the “classic scifi” that my parents handed me when I’d proven that I officially enjoyed the genre and reading and wanted MORE (but there were an overwhelming number of Star Wars books so mom, dad, help!) I read that, then Doorways in the Sand, which I hardly remember understanding at ALL, and then attempted the Chronicles of Amber and Dune, but didn’t quite make it through either before I went back to my Animorphs.

That disclaimer out of the way, my brief thoughts under the cut, because I’m pretty tired tonight and just want to crawl into bed with some Netflix – spoilers for anyone who’s not read the book, if you have I guess still spoilers for how main plot is handled, but not details? For anyone who hasn’t read the book, I’d say READ IT FIRST if you can manage. I’d say knowing what I did made me enjoy the movie more, even if it means I’m a bit pickier about it too. The emotions just pack such a bigger punch in the novel.

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